Load management plans for Carson Wentz through Eagles training camp

Post originally appeared on Pro Sports Notes

July 25, 2019


Image: David Cross via Flickr

Load Management plan for Carson Wentz through Eagles training camp

Training camp starts today. Throughout OTAs we saw video clips of the Carson Wentz we know and love as fans. Without a brace on his knee, and fully cleared for the OTA drills and exercises, Wentz looked comfortable. He moved well and showed accuracy with his elite arsenal of weapons. There is a lot of hype revolving around this year’s Eagles team. Zach Ertz said this roster is more talented than the Super Bowl-winning team. There is a Super Bowl or bust feeling around Philadelphia. However, that is contingent upon Wentz returning to MVP form and staying healthy. To ensure he starts the season 100%, the Eagles have a load management plan in place for Wentz throughout training camp.

Why are the Eagles putting a load management plan in place for Wentz?

This morning, Sal Palantonio was on 97.5 the Fanatic talking about his conversations over the last day with Doug Pederson. He discussed their text messages back and forth, asking questions about the vibe of the team, Pederson’s message to the team, etc. The most interesting piece of information, however, was about the handling of Carson Wentz.

This is Wentz’s fourth season in the NFL. Since being drafted in 2016, Wentz broke a rib in preseason 2016, tore his ACL in 2017, and fractured his back in 2018. He’s only had one full healthy training camp. The Eagles are hoping this will be the second.

The plan for Wentz

The Eagles are planning to manage Wentz’s load in a few different ways we can assume. Pederson told SalPal that although Wentz has been fully cleared, he won’t be a full go with no limitations throughout camp.

In order to keep Wentz healthy, and eliminate opportunities for setbacks, I’d have to assume that they will give Wentz a few days off each week to rest and rehab any regular soreness from football work/lifting. Additionally, I don’t think we’ll see much of Wentz during preseason either. We might see one or two series led by Wentz in the second or third preseason game. But probably not the first and definitely not the fourth.

Is this the right move?

This is absolutely the right move for the Eagles. They will give Wentz plenty of time to work with the offense, get the timing down, and make sure they’re ready to roll for the season opener. However, they want to avoid putting Wentz in precarious situations before the season can even get started.

It’s the best thing to do. The Eagles need Wentz healthy in order to be successful this season. Additionally, this can give some of the other quarterbacks an opportunity to get some work in, showcase their talents, and possibly help the Eagles with a trade down the line.

A load management plan for Carson Wentz is extremely smart for the Eagles during this year’s training camp and preseason.

Image: David Cross via Flickr

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