Is Marial Shayok a waste of a two-way contract for the Sixers?

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July 16, 2019

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Is Marial Shayok a waste of a two-way contract for the Sixers?

July 16, 2019 Jessica Towne BasketballNBASixers

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After some drama on draft night that left many members of the Sixers fanbase questioning Elton Brand, the Sixers came away with two players, Matisse Thybulle and Marial Shayok. After signing a  two-way contract, Shayok impressed throughout summer league. Is he a waste of a two-way contract when he could be another guy at the end of the Sixers bench? Could there possibly be another guy on the Sixers summer league roster who would be better suited for a two-way contract?

What does a two-way contract entail?

Organizations use two-way contracts to have other options of players that can bounce back and forth between the NBA and G-League affiliate. These players are on the G-league rosters but can spend no more than 45 days with their NBA affiliates. Only players in their 4th year or earlier are eligible for two-way contracts. Additionally, players can only sign two-way contracts for a maximum of two seasons.

Marial Shayok’s summer league stats

Marial Shayok played in 4 of 5 summer league games. Through those games, he averaged 14.5 points shooting 46% from the floor. Although, yes it’s only summer league, the Sixers were better with Shayok on the floor. He handles the ball extremely well and has a smooth jump shot. He gets separation and creates his own shot, which we know has been a problem for the Sixers for a period of time. He’s a straight spot shooter which is something the Sixers also currently lack right now.

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Current Sixers bench

The Sixers bench was the problem last season. Although Brand tried to address that through trades, the shooting off the bench was lacking. Yes, guys like Mike Scott and James Ennis provided a spark here and there. That’s why the Sixers brought them back. But, the scoring off the bench was inconsistent.

Throughout summer league, Marial Shayok showed he is consistent with his shot and scoring. He led the Sixers in average points per game. The next closest player was Zhaire Smith who was two points lower in average. The Sixers have high caliber defense coming off the bench in Matisse Thybulle, Zhaire Smith, Scott, and Ennis. However, when it comes to shooting, they still lack a go-to guy off the bench. Obviously, the Sixers signed Shake Milton to a 4-year deal as the backup PG behind Ben Simmons. However, after getting hurt in summer league, we don’t know what exactly we will get from Milton on the consistency side of things. Additionally, he didn’t perform well in summer league before his injury. Shayok could provide extra shooting off the bench.

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Is Marial Shayok a waste of a two-way contract for the Sixers?

Marial Shayok is a waste of a two-way contract with the Sixers. He should have been given a regular contract to come off the bench and provide some shooting. That could have kept the second two-way contract spot open for some other summer league guys like Norvel Pelle, Haywood Highsmith, or Christ Koumadje who have all shown impressive skills as well. This Sixers season will be interesting, but unless the Sixers make another move for a bench shooter, like potentially signing Kyle Korver, Marial Shayok is a waste of a two-way contract that could be utilized elsewhere. Shayok has NBA roster talent.

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The @NorvelPelle05 school of basketball:

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